I am a global educator and thus much of my research balances domestic and international work or finding ways to connect the two. I have worked for a variety of international organizations  in a number of countries. To date, my international experiences (including extensive travel and research) have been in:

Czech Republic
Dominician Republic
Navajo Nation
New Zealand
Northern Ireland
South Korea

Specific projects have included:

2014-2015 GOPA
Tbilisi, Georgia

Serve as consultant on the Millennium Challenge Account Georgia – Improving General Education project in the Republic of Georgia.  Tasks included: Analyze professional development and assessment policies and practice; Develop professional development and classroom needs assessment; Design teacher professional development policy and practice; Design professional development activities for principals; Design an approach to classroom assessments; Design framework for training current educators in classroom assessments; Design an outline for a teacher pre-service course in classroom assessment.

2013, Cambridge Education
New Delhi, India

Serve as consultant on the Capacity Building Support to Government of India’s Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) project. Serve as session leader for the National Conference on ICT for School Education. Sessions centered on the National Policy in Education while developing an understanding of vision, discussing the goals of ICT in education projects, developing a robust ecosystem for appropriate deployment of ICT in schools, and reflecting on issues and experiences of such projects.

2011-2015 United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Worked a a consultant to Freedom House who was awarded a subcontract on a USAID on a Support for Human Rights project focused on the use of technology to protect and promote freeedom of press. Worked closely with various NGOs to build research capacity. Projects include: perception and use of technology in upper secondary schools; general population's understanding of freedom of information; impact of forced land evictions on women; and voting patterns of ethnic minorities.

2010 United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Cairo, Egypt 
Worked as a consultant for Seward International, who was awarded a subcontract on USAID's Assistance in Basic Education / Basic Education Project in Egypt on the Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes (TILO) program. Both onsite and at a distance, I provided instructional support on online learning to the Egyptian Ministry of Education in their efforts to introduce technology in schools by building support for computer use in the classroom while promoting critical thinking in the curriculum. This position required that I work in Cairo, Egypt for two, two-week training seminars. 

2006 United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 
Through a three month, pro bono internship, worked onsite on the Establishing the Effective Use of Information & Communication Technology in Education for All in Cambodia project. Conducted various final training sessions for teacher trainers. Co-wrote the final project report. Conducted an in-depth analysis of a UNESCO/Ministry of Education supported survey aimed to determine the state of information and communication technology in seven rural, border provinces. While on site, I wrote the following technical reports:

  • Richardson, J. (2006, August). The state of ICT in seven rural northern border Cambodian provinces. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: UNESCO.
  • Prasertsri, S., Hughs, J., & Richardson, J. (2006, August). Final report: Establishing the effective use of information and communication technology in Education for All in Cambodia. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: UNESCO.

2005 World Bank Research Assistant
Assistant to a consultant to the World Bank
Updated exiting document entitled “Lost potential: Women and tertiary education in Africa.” Researched, located, and disaggregated relevant statistics. Updated and wrote updated literature review to be included in this seminal report.

2004 USAID Research Assistant
Assistant to a consultant to USAID
Reviewed literature on peace education, peace keeping, conflict resolution, and child soldiers in post-conflict nations. Wrote literature reviews for this desk study to inform policy recommendations to international development agencies and government policy makers related to education and its contribution to resolving conflict and maintaining peace.